Juggling Jeremiah

I wanted to go over this just a tad because I have discussed it in different posts but I wanted to add it to this one just in case anyone is like me and have never been anywhere near seminary or formal theology training. Because if you been, you probably ALREADY know this.

So it is for those who don’t, I thought it was pretty neat when I noticed while studying years ago that Psalm 119 is broken down in “alphabetical order”.

The chapter actually has an amazing one hundred and seventy six verses. Which is incredible for one chapter.

But what is truly amazing is that it is broken down and separated by the letters of the Hebrew alphabet, in order, and as I noticed this I checked a few other Bibles and noticed that this had actually been removed from some printings.

And it is so sad that anyone could decide that they could disannul it and just simply REMOVE the order that God chose in having this particular chapter written in a very distinct one of a kind format to be left as our instructions. And that is EXACTLY what its is!

I had written a post on it years ago, whether or not it still exists, I don’t know but if I can locate it I’ll post it as a page.

Onward, The ENTIRE chapter is ABOUT the Word of God and how to apply it to life, and situations, and how to pray to be renewed, revived, and much more.

I would actually encourage you that of you read nothing else just take on this chapter, just read a “letter” a day, because it is literally the “ABC’s” about the Word of God.

And if you are not seeing that in your Bible, I encourage you to find an older printing of the King James Version, I have several Bibles, my main one is a NELSON and it is in that one but it is an older Bible, and you could possibly search it on line, just be very specific with the wording. I think you will enjoy it!  

Most know that the Bible is written so that people can not just “pick it apart”, one part of a story will be in book and details about that story in another book. I do try to practice what I “preach” so for my studying I took on two projects.

The book of Jeremiah was NOT written in the order it is recorded in, that is according to my Zondervan KJV dictionary Bible, I noticed that note years ago and started trying to study it in order, but as life goes, I got “waylaid” so I am at it again and it is really interesting.

The second note is that the Minor Prophets were originally in ONE Book, so the placement order was also different.

Before anyone gets mad at me or thinks I am “adding to” or “taking away”, I would NEVER do that. I do truly fear the Lord and am very aware of the warning of Revelation. But what this is is ONLY studying these books IN THE ORDER WHICH THEY WERE WRITTEN.

And what I find fascinating and was rather horrifying when it first hit me years ago, is that if you carefully read Jeremiah 51, you will notice that ALL the judgments God had given Jeremiah to prophesy for that day and period in time were actually DOUBLE judgments and they were also against FUTURE spiritual Babylon and actually the entire earth when those end time prophecies are brought forth, as they are fulfilled in the book of Revelation.

So here is a list of the order, again it is from the Zondervan KJV study Bible, I do hope that is enough credit to them. My husband had bought me this particular Bible on Easter Sunday, April 11, 2004 which was actually before I was “called” and I looked at it and said “Wow, that is one BIG book!” But it has been indispensable! Of course now the cover is taped together and pages have fallen out and I just have to tuck them back in it but if you do not have one this is a great study Bible.

I really am shutting up…:) here is the list:


Chapter 1 verse 1 through Chapter 7-15

Chapter 26

Chapter 7 verse 16 through

Chapter 20 verse 18

Chapter 25

Chapter 46 through Chapter 51

Chapter 36 verses 1-8

Chapter 45

Chapter 36 verses 9-32

Chapter 35

Chapter 21 through Chapter 24

Chapter 27 through Chapter 31

Chapter 34 verses 1-7

Chapter 37 verses 1-10

Chapter 34 verses 8-22

Chapter 37 verse 11 through Chapter 38 verse 13

Chapter 39 verses 15-18

Chapter 32 through Chapter 33

Chapter 38 verse 14 through Chapter 39 verse 14

Chapter 52 verses 1-30

Chapter 40 through Chapter 44

Chapter 52 verses 31-34  Notice also that some are several chapters together while some are a few verses. But 40-41 for example, is referring to the entire chapters. 

The prophets list is in this order:













I hope you will enjoying study this, I have been!