“Our Brother’s Keeper”

“And Cain talked with Abel his brother: and it came to pass, when they were in a field, that Cain rose up against Abel his brother, and slew him. And the Lord said unto Cain, Where is Able thy brother? And he said, I know not: Am I my brother’s keeper?” Genesis 4:8,9

This verse is the true spiritual answer of the nations, especially America, in response to the question of why Ukraine isn’t being given more support.

I, like most of you have only watched with horror for the past month as the Ukrainians are bombarded in every conceivable way as Russia continues its sadistic onslaught against them.

President Zelensky constantly pleading for help and it is great and I am thankful to God for the weapons that have been given them, but they need more, they need nations to fight with them and for them.

I, also like many the world over, respect him and have watched with amazement as he truly has reflected the absolute courage and leadership, and compassion for his people as  the great king David, those are the same qualities that we read of being what made King David such as great leader.

It is also no shock that the world has even declared it to be a “David versus Goliath” situation and that is so true, God places leaders exactly where he wants them and Putin, who is a literal Goliath with a side order of Pharaoh, met his match when taking on the Ukrainians because they were not just going to lay down and die and bow down to the beast.

Putin embodies qualities of Goliath, in the fact that he methodically moved troops closer and closer and yet denying with every breath that an invasion would be soon coming. The sheer size of his army and arsenal levied against such a smaller opponent.

You can literally see the comparison as you read a passage such as this, as Goliath mocked David’s youth and size and arrogantly overestimated his own.

“And when the Philistine looked about and saw David. he disdained him: for he was but a youth, and ruddy, and of a fair countenance.

And the Philistine said unto David, Am I a dog, that thou comest to me with staves? And the Philistine cursed David by his gods.

And the Philistine said to David, Come to me, and I will give thy flesh to the fowls of the air, and to the beasts of the field.

Then said David to the Philistine, Thou comest to me with a sword, and a spear, and with a shield: But I come to thee in the in the name of the of the Lord of hosts, the God of the armies of Israel, whom thou hast defied.” 1 Samuel 17:42-44

You know it’s the devil when the devil calls the other guy the devil. I want to give you a verse and go from there.

Revelation 13:11;” And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon.

All the world sees what is really going on and I admire those in Russia who have stood up, even at the risk of horrifying consequence, but there are truly those that really believe Putin is a good guy, that he is really doing a great work, sending troops off to war, ridding Ukraine of Nazis, and saving little children and the elderly virtually from another Holocaust.

I even heard one report of a Ukrainian man who unsuccessfully tried to tell his relative in Russia the truth of what what they were suffering, only to be met with a comment to the defense of Putin, in which the relative even referenced Putin as “a god”.

As if accusing a Jewish man who had family die in the Holocaust of being a Nazi wasn’t proof enough of who is really doing the talking that is coming out of Putin’s mouth, it became crystal clear when he decided to quote scripture, I must admit, I almost “fell out of my chair” with that one.

I absolutely could not believe the audacity and not to mention the fact that it just echoed the age old stunt of the devil trying to twist scripture to make himself sound right and mislead those who would listen, think about how he deceived Eve and think about his trying to tempt Jesus, he knows his scriptures, he knows them better than we do!

The whole world watching as apartments, hospitals, bombed and pregnant women injured, children killed, shelters fired on, people running for their lives and others unable to run, being forced to hide, with no water, no heat, their entire lives destroyed, the images are heart breaking.

One in particular that just shattered my heart, this tiny little boy, just walking with his little pack on his back, all alone in the the exodus of people. and he was just sobbing and sobbing, absolutely alone and I wish to God I could have teleported and got that child and hugged him and rescued him, and God only knows what happened to him or all the other children that has had to leave on their own.

Another image, an elderly man fleeing his house, with only what he could carry on his back, no shirt, just pants, and a hat and a jacket revealing his bare chest in the freezing cold, Where was he even to go? How would he even start over?

A pregnant lady on a stretcher being rescued only later for her and her unborn child to die, knowing that only six weeks ago this lady would have been doing what all of us do as expectant mothers, rejoicing, making everything beautiful, decorating with all the darling newborn items, planning for the greatest moment of her life, the moment of bringing another precious person into the world, those plans were destroyed by the Russian forces and Putin and his soldiers are covered in that blood.

And finally, the image of the young mother with her child in her arms wailing uncontrollably as they were being rescued and a young soldier was helping her, and as she sobbed, he turns his head and the look of compassion mingled with sorrowful hopelessness at what to do for her spoke volumes.

And for Putin to stand there being cheered on, flags flying in his support, to say that no greater love than this to lay down his life for his friends is just sickening beyond words.

He can profess to be whatever he professes to be since he has evidently decided he is a “Christian” but whatever he professes does not change the fact of what is really inside of him.

He is as cold as Pharaoh and it mirrors him so much that I truly believe that his heart is so cold and so black that he is so delusional and arrogant that he is quite willing to take on the whole world.

And would just as soon every living thing on earth die as to retreat, every nation is so afraid of dealing with him that we do tap dances to make certain he does not misunderstand what we are saying, I really respected President Biden for not backtracking his controversial remarks, (that’s one of the only decisions that I agree with, other than him not going along ridiculous plan to defund the police)

Coddling Putin is in no way going to make him anyone’s friend, it only gives him that much more resolve to threaten and strike fear into the heart of the world.

Old Goliath antagonized Israel for forty days, it’s miracle grow for monster egos.

Even doing an amateur profile on him, just based on what the world sees of him, you see all you need to see, famous for dating models, posing bare-chested on his horse, playing with cheetahs, hanging out with Steven Segal and rich buddies, and add in the ultimate bad cop attitude  and it is quite clear what he wants to project.

Take that give it an insane amount of power and relentless control and throw some major nukes and it paints quite a chilling picture.

He can’t stop, he has Pharaoh syndrome, he himself won’t allow it, because it would mean admitting defeat, it would mean admitting that this war was a bad idea, and that is exactly why he has just become more aggressive and more brutal.

Pharaoh did not care what anyone thought or how anyone felt, or take one moment to consider mercy, he was cruel and heartless, calling for the slaughter of the babies and having Egypt built on the blood of the Hebrew slaves.

He really believed that he was a deity and answered to no one.

But oh, how wrong he was! As he was already merciless, God continued to harden his heart, he had the audacity to attempt to fight God himself, knowing all these plagues were coming on Egypt straight from Jehovah God.

When he did finally let the Hebrews go, that “He-Man” machismo kicked back in and he just had to pursue them to the Red Sea and we know how that ended, he and his army destroyed, drown in the Red Sea.

With the mindset much like Pharaoh, but to the infinite extreme at the end of it all, there will those who are so deceived that they will believe that they  can do battle with God himself.

Revelation 17:12-14:” And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast. These have one mind, and shall give their power, and strength unto the beast. These shall make war with the Lamb, and the Lamb shall overcome them: for he is the Lord of lords, and  King of kings; and they that are with him are called, chosen, and faithful.”

I wanted to use the verses from Revelation to establish where all this is headed and the fact that Putin is just the warm up.

This war is unlike any other, the whole world is united in praying for Ukraine and they ask for those prayers as they fight with all they have and you can literally feel the urgency and the importance with those prayers, as the entire world watches.

No one wants World War three, but unfortunately, Putin doesn’t care what we want, he has his agenda and it is not a question of whether or not we will have World War, it is when we have it.

The things that are happening are just leading up to the inevitable. The Bible is written and what is to happen, will happen and there is no changing that.

The only thing we control is how it ends for us, we can be saved and escape the judgments and the horror of dealing with life as it all unfolds or be left here and refuse the mark of the beast, those who do not go in the rapture can only have eternal life by refusing the mark of the beast and dying for the faith, but they will live forever with the Lord, but those who deny Christ will face unimaginable judgment and eternal damnation.

I know that sounds harsh, but we are so out of time and time waits for no one,

Even laying aside the fact that we are in the end of days, we have no promise of tomorrow and any of us could die at any second, we have to be serious about eternity

In the meantime, I pray that things will change that those who fight to reinstate Godly laws back into the land that He has given us will win and that there may be a reprieve, but at the moment we are all still all about whether or not a dude can slap on a little lipstick and compete against ladies, at this rate, all sports will have to have weight classes, and specifics to make it fair again, but it is ridiculous.

So many states still having to hash it out of whether or not slaughtering babies is a great ideal and thankfully many states stepping up and fighting this atrocity.

Add to that our never-ending battle of whether or not, again, it is a fabulous idea to subject children to horrendous hormone therapy and sex change operations, yeah, they can call it, “gender reassignment” all they want but God himself choose the gender for us all.

I suppose, a country so powerful really couldn’t take a chance on giving in to the request of a no fly zone,.

How could we possibly take a chance and stick out our own necks to be our brother’s keeper, when we can give them just enough to say we have helped without having done all that is really in our power to do.

Like I said, no one wants to see major war, but it is not whether or not we fight, it’s just a question of when.

I haven’t written anything new since “Wars & Rumours of War…” , I have been revisiting posts that I felt would be encouraging during this time. To be honest, I have been having a Jeremiah moment, I am not in any way shape or form comparing myself with Jeremiah, but sympathize with his emotional state as he said this from Jeremiah 20:8 ” For since I spake, I cried out, I cried violence and spoil…”

Unfortunately, that is about all there is to say concerning the state of our present world, but we must have hope in the world that is to come and to know that good really does win in the end!

All these things are leading up to the war that ends all wars, rather when the Lord puts an end to it.

Blessing to you until next time! keep praying and Keep Watching, and Keep believing for miracles for not only those in Ukraine but all in the midst of the battle today in these last days!

Φλογιζω NBJ/ Rev. Nina Brown Johnson 2022