“Starved Out”

I have pondered. I have thought. I have funk-jived. I have tried to make sense of so many things and I am sure all of you have also. Years ago when I was first saved, I had the greatest Pastor anyone could have ever been blessed with and now I see so well some of the things he would tell me that I never got at the time, such as when I had been in church for about a month and went in one night and he comes back to greet me and smiles and says “I like how you carry your Bible, NOW get it on the table of your heart” and I thought why is he so mean to me? He had many more one-liners much like that and I would just think that I was doing my best and trying as hard as I could and I couldn’t do any more than that. He also told me stories of what he had been through, things he had overcome and the biggest warning was about not letting “church”people beat the anointing out of you.

  I finally came to realize that EVERYTHING he ever told me was right, on all counts. I had just fallen off the turnip truck and landed right at the beginning of the candy-coated sold-out religion that would take over the world and anyone who did not study their Bible would fall to that seducing spirit. The most effective weapon ever in any war is starvation, starve people out and they will either surrender or die.

Scripture tells us that the time “will come that they will no longer ENDURE sound doctrine” because they want “ministers” that will tell them what they want to hear and NEVER “terrorize” them with such “scary” things as repentance, hell, or heaven forbid Revelation, and judgments.

The consensus is that you can’t tell people the truth because they will be scared away. But it is okay to preach prosperity and do as you wish because you are under grace and you can DO NO WRONG. The truth is Satan has starved the church out but he has left enough fluffy cotton candy that they feel warm and full and don’t even know that they are falling off to bones. 

We have allowed so much of the world in and some social clubs that call themselves “churches” are no different than the world and the saddest part of all is all the members who really trust these people with their souls and are really believing that they can go to heaven unrepentant and like  the old “I’ll do it and ask God to forgive me later” routine,  that they can sin, and keep sinning and no one has a problem with it because it IS NOT REAL and when they are tried and they are tested they will have no foundation of the true word of God to stand on and that is the most heart breaking thought.


                                                                  AMOS 8:11 

They don’t want His word, They despise it and Him. So He will take it away.  So please, please start stockpiling spiritual food NOW for yourselves and to share with others. Study the word of God. When you hear a sermon go along in your King James Version and read with them. ( I have no interest in wanting to argue the KJV point,so keep that to yourself)  Ask God to give you understanding of the scriptures and LISTEN to EVERYTHING they say and IF THEY CAN NOT BACK IT UP WITH SCRIPTURE SHAKE THE DUST OFF YOUR FEET AND STAY AWAY FROM THEM. Listen also for off color thoughts and jokes concerning the word of God,  HE IS HOLY, HIS WORD IS HOLY it is never to be joked about or made light of in any way and NEVER trust a human with your soul, put your trust in God and God alone.

These things and the fact that the true word has been unwelcomed and rejected is what will bring this to pass. But the true word of God is easy to bear and brings joy, comfort and peace but will also sharpen us and make us measure up to HIS standard. He is not the author of confusion and always be very aware of your surroundings.

I have reached the point that I no longer want associated with any of it. I have fought high and low for the call on my life and have been put through so much that I often wish I had just sat on my Apostolic pew quietly after the death of the above mentioned Pastor, but I did learn a lot, after head butting with the one who I was originally training under, because he felt I was ready to go out into my own ministry because I had “too many scriptures” I was not ready and you can test out on anatomy test and pass, but still not be ready to do surgery on people. So nothing like becoming the “black sheep” of the Holiness crew, come to think of  it, one of the things my late Pastor said he had been called, only by a different crew! 

I have learned that I will never ever treat anyone the way all these guys that I have had to deal with for the last six years have treated me. But so much has come to pass that, it just is what it is and I truly hope it doesn’t change anyone’s opinion of me. A church didn’t call me, a piece of paper sure didn’t call me,  Jesus did  ( and it was through prophecy and the laying on of hands and reconfirmed in a different church) and I want the proof in my pudding and I either want what is real and what HE wants me to have or I don’t want any of it and the association now is just, oh words escape me, probably for the better and to bridle my tongue which is becoming quite knotted, and I appreciate with everything in me those of you who have took time to read my posts and I truly hope you will continue to do so.

Finally if you are not saved, I AM BEGGING you please don’t postpone it one more day. You can get saved right where you are, you don’t have to be in a church house or confess your sins to anyone other than God and He already knows, all you have to do is ask, because our world is almost completely black and when you watch “the powers that be” outright mock God and the Bible, while a room full of spectators laugh and clap, you know it is at the doors because God will not be mocked and He will not hold his judgment forever.  “Heaven and earth shall pass away but His word will stand forever” so if He is tugging on your heart accept Him while He is near and get in His word, stay in His word and they can never lead you wrong!