What tha????

Quite fascinating! All that comes to mind pondering the mad, mad questions of the universe.
Especially upon discovering that my blog content had been republished without permission or consent, I already have those who oppose my views follow me and those who detest without question Jesus, whom I serve, so why, why on earth would they want to read my posts?
Are you really naïve enough to believe that by persecuting those that carry the Gospel, your really going to stop it?
Are you really so arrogant to believe that your beliefs or lack thereof prove you to be of some superior intelligence?
You really believe that you can try to present Christianity as narrow minded and hate filled?
When actually YOU are the one who is filled with hate or otherwise would not feel the need to pick apart something that you are completely clueless to!
How can you be so arrogant and self willed as to believe you KNOW all the answers to the questions in the universe?
 Oh, are you just that good, well maybe you can make better use of your time by discovering a cure for cancer or bringing about world peace!
I am not even going to respond farther because “vain disputes ( by those who oppose the Gospel) only lead to more ungodliness”
So go right on with, because the Gospel needs no one to defend it, The Gospel will defend itself!
So laugh, mock, stand in gasped feigned shock because that puts all those you persecute in very good company!
I know this will be received as more proof of our “intolerance” but actually this is just a little post to acknowledge the fact that I am aware of it.
Just as Eastwood said, “Go ahead make my day!”
All the atheists, muslims, buddists, satanists, mockers, and scorners will never stop the word of God.
ONLY A FOOL says in his heart that there is no God!
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