Fishing, a beloved pastime and as we know very close to the heart of Jesus, as he called fishermen and changed them from fisher-men to fishers- of- men.
But you know in the grand realm of things, satan loves to try to copy everything God does and pervert it and twist it to his advantage.
So if you are not saved and still fooling around, treating the offer of salvation like it will always be there for the taking, like so many love to say, “I’ll get saved when I’m ready” or “I’ll go to church when I’m ready” or my favorite ” I’ll go when God calls me again” you are falling into the category of prodigal or just stubborn, and I have some news for you.
 God is not the only one fishing for you!
As long as your out lying around in sin playing footsies with the devil, HE IS FISHING FOR YOU TOO!
To worsen the matter, if you believe in God, you KNOW this!
The devil is NOT your friend, he will NEVER be your friend, so why on earth do you want to be his fishing buddy?
You may like cooking up all that sin, the sex, the drinking, the drugs, whatever your vice is.
 He is helping catch that for you and helping it all go your way, but what you don’t realize is he is HOOKING YOU, he has that hook in your mouth and every single time you turn your back on the voice of God and all the voices he sends to try to lead you back to dry land, the enemy is leading you deeper and deeper, farther and farther into that water and I promise you THAT is where he wants you, he is LEADING YOU TO THE PLACE OF YOUR DESTRUCTION.
He will work your life to look so picture perfect, feeling so good, because it is his plan, not God’s.
That why there is “pleasure in sin for a season” you think you can play with him, he is playing with you and “the wages of sin is DEATH”.
And if you keep playing games, I promise you, your gonna lose, keep running down “the path of destruction” at one hundred miles an hour, and if you keep running from God, he may just not pick up when you do crash.
God is not obligated to watch over you, it does not matter who your Mama is or your Papaw was, at the end of the day, you are responsible for your own actions and to “work out your own salvation with fear and trembling”.
The reason you keep hearing it (whether you want to or not) is because he loves YOU and wants to save you and he shed his blood for you and HE wants you on the path he has chosen, not to be running head first into the trap of the devil!
That fishing buddy is going to turn on you and you may just wish to God you had never even been born, it can get that bad and no matter what white fluffy cloud your on today, tomorrow it may just turn deathly black.
There is no middle ground, there is no gray.
There is God, there is the devil, and then there is you and a very wise man once told me of these three the hardest to ever deal with is you.
God IS on your side, the devil wants to destroy you but if you are saved God will not allow it but you are the one with freewill and it is your own spirit that must overcome.
How shall we escape, if we neglect so great a salvation;“… Hebrews 2:3(a)
To “know to do good and do it not, is a sin to us” so if we constantly come up with all these reasons why we can’t do what we are supposed to do then we only deceive ourselves.
One of the wisest men in the entire Bible was the tax collector whom Jesus spoke of saying that he wouldn’t even raise his eyes toward heaven but asked only that God have mercy on him.
If you know this and you know all these things and are tired of hearing about it, I want to ask you to please, please hear this, I write this stuff, as I said before because I know this stuff.
God used tragedy that the enemy sent to get through to save me and I had to go deep into the dark that I couldn’t even see to find the light.
I had been fishing with the devil and I know the price of that trip and I never ever want anyone to pay that, because you can’t, only God can, and I can give you proof positive that satan had written my death warrant, ready to be executed, and had it not been for undisputable divine intervention that in a few days my family would have been mourning the anniversary of my death and I would have died unsaved, yet knowing God is real and having refused to let him fix all the broken things in me that had made that trip so appealing.
But in his mercy, I now thank him every year for one more year for the life I should not have and for mercy I never deserved and I live with scars, scars so painful and so deep because of events that took place that can never ever be changed.
Because if you think your life only effects you, your delusional and need to think again.
Your disobedience and refusal to listen to God can cost someone else and that, I promise, you will live with for the rest of your life.
So really, really look at that bait as it dangles off that hook and ask yourself what is the worst that can happen, and then you’d better be ready for far worse than your worse nightmare, because your fishing buddy already knows that too.
Change your fishing buddy, before it’s too late.

εν Φλογιζω/ All rights reserved NBJ/2015