"They’re hungry, YOU feed them"

We know world hunger is rampant but we are also in a period of spiritual hunger, as the Bible says the days are coming that there WILL be a famine of the Word of God.
The Shepherds have become concerned more with the quantity of sheep in their pasture rather than the quality of health of those sheep. They may be mighty in numbers but they are weak, sickly, infected and infested and as long as they take up space no one is going to bother caring for them.
The watchmen have fallen asleep at their posts so the weakened, anemic sheep often make a tasty meal for the wolves, who offer them a false sense of care and compassion and something resembling food, while it is all candy coated junk food, to the sheep is it better than starvation, so they leave the field God intended for them to be in and follow the wolves who are leading them to their banquet to be devoured by their leader Satan.
SO what do you think the Lord will have us do? Sheep are going to have to feed other sheep, and when they happen upon a green spot it is going to have to be shared.
We’ll pick it up at Matthew 14:15-18, a multitude had come to hear Jesus and to be healed by him, The Bible points out that he was “moved with compassion” for them, something I think people often forget about him, “And when it was evening, ( it is evening on earth, we are entering spiritual nightfall) his disciples came to him, saying, This is a desert place,( the barren place many are in today) and the time is now past (growing late); send the multitude away, that they may go into the villages, and buy themselves victuals (food). BUT Jesus said unto them, THEY NEED NOT DEPART, GIVE YE THEM TO EAT. And they say unto him, We have here but five loaves and two fishes. He said BRING THEM HITHER (HERE) UNTO ME.”
That is the place we are at now, so many of us are praying for all the sheep who are hurt, wounded and have fallen over cliffs, lying there on the verge of death, with no one trying to rescue them, I know people right now who are so talented and so anointed of God and have become so discouraged and wounded that they are not even in church.
The calling of God is forever and NO ONE can do the job we were created to do.
I can only imagine the rejoicing in hell when a minister falls, or one that God has given the gift of healing and miracles, word of prophecy or the song of praise to sing in the tongues of heavenly angels, songs which would bring down an anointing that would set the captives free. Vessels who hold one or more of the nine gifts of the spirit, who are now sitting on their living room couch.
The gifts are NOT being stirred, they are NOT being cultivated and I have even heard people have almost an anger against the thought that one could have something that the others do not. THEY ARE GIFTS. THEY ARE DESIGNED OF GOD TO BE DIFFERENT! Why would we all have a “community” gift or calling, we would be severely lacking as we are now.
We all feel sometimes that someone else would be better suited to do something, but if no one else WILL then we have to pray and ask God to help us pick up the slack.
I don’t just write this stuff, I’ve lived it. So I want to give you one of my stories from the field, I was a fairly new Christian and was in a situation that I HAD TO put myself between an intoxicated person and two more people, and this was a bad deal, and while I was trying to reason with the person, it just went from bad to worse and of course God got brought up and they started referring to themselves by name in the third person and some heavy-duty things about how Satan would win and everyone would be hell. Again I was a new Christian, I had two prayer warriors praying and I just keeping praying in heart to God that I needed someone with me that I couldn’t fight this and I wasn’t supposed to be alone, someone was not helping me like they were supposed to because I wasn’t strong enough to battle what had become obvious that I was really fighting.
I was on my porch, they were in my yard and as they became more angry they finally just reached out and grabbed me by my throat and just held it, not really putting pressure but holding me around my Adam’s apple, and I was still praying” Lord Jesus, God you gotta help me, I don’t know what I supposed to here” and I just started singing, I am not a singer, actually I am a person people would pay not to sing! But I just started singing “When the spirit of Lord moves in my heart I will sing like David…” it’s an old, old Pentecostal standard, and after a few minutes or what seemed like minutes they left! Of course they turned from time to time to spew another threat at me, all the while walking away and I just kept singing. I know that was God and God alone and even though I thought he should have sent a “strong, anointed warrior” to fight that battle while I hid in my house, that was not his plan and He will never send you to do anything without him! He is there and he will send whatever weapon you need.
And on a great praise note, that person in time was saved!
So now my friends, whatever you have please share, we all know someone who is going through something, you can find scripture references in most Bibles for help in all areas, and two fail proofs are Psalm 23 and the Lord’s prayer, Matthew 6:9-13 and Luke 11:2-4.
Such as someone struggling financially or spiritually, “Give us this day our daily bread” someone in bondage “Deliver us from evil” help in time of various troubles ” Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of my enemies” you get the drift. I promise you, God said his “word will not come back void” it will do what he sent to do.
Maybe you don’t want to seem pushy, get a card and write a fitting scripture inside for the person. Pray always for them, God will put in your heart want to do to uplift and encourage them to go on.
And you know sometimes the greatest gift we can give is of ourselves, a heart to feel and share their burden, a smile, and best of all just a hug to let them know they are not alone.
It really is like the man Jesus healed at the pool of Bethesda (John 5), healing was there he just didn’t have anyone to help him into the water, some major symbolism in that! God is there, his anointing is there, but no one wants to be bothered with helping the spiritual lame into that water!
So time has come, be  bold and of good cheer, whatever YOU have little lamb, as Jesus told the Disciples, bring it to him, he will bless it, multiply and let YOU feed the ones you have access to, all the hurt, wounded and ones who don’t even now they are his (yet). He will allow you to pray safety over them and that they see and know the goodness of God. Think of it as sharing your lunch!
I know there are so many of you, full of love, compassion and mercy and I know you will help others into those waters so that they may be healed as you have been healed!
 I do want to quickly point out that this is not an attack on Pastors as a generic whole. But there are a lot of bad apples, the Bible has quite a section on the judgments that WILL be leveled against them in due time. 
So if you hear an uplifting song or hear a wonderful word, do your best to share that with someone who needs it.
Share your food with those that are hungry, and if you do that, I promise he will never allow you to suffer famine.
Φλογιζω/ All rights Reserved. Rev. Nina BrownJohnson/ baresoulphlogizo 2015