Just wanted to do a quick hit to explain the name of my blog, it is pronounced Flog-id-zo, it means to inflame with passion, set on fire, ignite. The reason it is in Greek is for another day.
I chose the name after much prayer and actually it is my prayer for myself and believers every where that God will let that passion rise up in all of us, in these last days and that we will see deliverance, hearings, miracles and a great, great harvest of souls.

We all struggle and we have had overcoming to do through Jesus and His blood, it is also very symbolic of my own struggles and how God often uses the very thing Satan tried to destroy us with, as a catapult to propel us out of our comfort zone.

You can read a little more about those struggles in my post Shaking off the shackles of shame.”

It is my sincerest prayer that you will be touched, in your own private time with God. I think many of these subjects are better dealt with one on one with God and He always sees and He always hears the cries of our hearts and we DO NOT have to tell our innermost thoughts to a person, church, or the entire world, only Him and I pray this food for thought will help you do just that.

My subjects are often a little uncomfortable, but God is God over all our life and He wants to help us through all our struggles and remove anything that hinders our relationship with him. I have one agenda, to see his Kingdom come and see all who will rest in His grace.
My profile may also look a little dark, but I assure you it is also symbolic, our world can be a very scary, unpredictable place and even though we can’t see it, we do have all the help of the universe behind us.

God is our High tower, fortress and strength and He promises He will never leave us or forsake us!
New content will post Saturday each week, I would love to have feedback and hear your thoughts and comments.

You can also check out the page, “Me, Me, Me, and I am singing that.” and for part of my personal testimony: Beautifully Broken

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Sister Nina